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Re: Why am putting on so much weight?

The cold scientific reason: Overconsumption. 
The reasons for overconsumption of food, drink, toxins and stress are unique to the individual.

The main cause of weight gain is consuming more calories than the body can burn. This is known as overconsumption. The key to weight loss is creating a calorie deficit, which means consuming fewer calories than the body needs on a daily basis. The USDA has set the default daily intake of calories at 2000, but this may vary depending on factors such as age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity level. By consistently eating fewer calories than the body needs, stored fat is burned to fuel the body, resulting in weight loss. This is a gradual, safe process, not a sudden or drastic one.

That's it.

You cannot out-train or out-exercise an unchecked diet

You can't use your stored energy (fat) if you are supplying your body with food all the time. It will never get to the fat, it will use what you give it first. Every time. Stop punishing yourself with cardio after binging on cookies!


Exercise alone will never work for weight loss until your diet is under full control: Book Session

The amount of calories "burned" running 7 miles for an hour straight is about 1000 calories. 6 Sam Adams Summer Ales are about 1000 calories. It's impossible to sustain beating your body up physically, especially after 40, to offset overeating (and drinking) the wrong foods at the wrong times. I will say it again, you will never lose weight and keep it off until you learn about and control food, no matter how hard you exercise.
1000 calories burned. 60 minutes road running.
1000 empty calories of bloat

Tracking Calories

Have you ever considered tracking calories, even just for a week? Probably not. It used to be very difficult to do.

fatsecret appThe app "FATSECRET" is very helpful at tracking. It's also free. It has nearly every food and drink already entered and once you start to use it, it's smart at knowing your specific foods.

It really helps to uncover hidden calories and educate you as to how many calories are in foods and drinks you consume. But you can't lie to it. Enter everything,  especially everything you drink. Flavored coffee drinks, alcohol, juice, sports drinks, milk. All of it.

If you are supposed to eat/drink less than 2000 calories a day to lose weight and you eat/drink 2000+, you will steadily gain weight. Period.

You need to eat nutrient dense foods that total in calories less than your daily needs in order to tap into your stored fat.  Once you control the calories, you will instantly be on your way.

The Primary Offenders

Sugar, fake sugar, alcohol, GMO grains, GMO oils, seed oils, processed everything. Fast food, chain restaurants, great restaurants and sneaky fake health food. Marketers, take note. Adding "simply" to a garbage product doesn't erase the garbage. Funny (not so funny) how some of the things that are the absolute worst things you can consume as a human are completely unlabeled.

Take action. Learn what the junk is and then stop buying the junk (free documentary "Genetic Roulette" all about GMO food, super important).

I genuinely want to help people feel better and be free. Please reach out if you need help. I can get you going in the right direction for life. No programs, no overwhelming apps. no nutty exercise routines, no bs.

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