I'm a hands-on personal health coach, strength trainer, yoga teacher and 25 year work from home digital professional in Orange, CT and I live the lifestyle I talk about.
Certified Health Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher
25 Year WFH Professional

Helping People Help Themselves

Health Coaches support clients with lifestyle modifications Microworkout you can do anywhere. In this video I demo how to use a blend of Yoga and bodyweight strength training to deliver a short intense energy boost. Tip: If the low planks are too much, lower your knees when hovering. Just make sure to keep a bit of tension on the chest. "Look for opportunities over the course of every day to put your body under some kind of brief resistance load. Even if you only work hard for one minute (or less) at a time but are relatively faithful about incorporating these “micro” opportunities into your daily routine, the cumulative effect will still be incredible." -Mark Sisson Michael Baker Wellness Private Yoga | Health Coach | Personal Training coming Fall22 More here: #training #wellness #health #mentalhealth #yoga #healthocach #personaltrainer #over40 #almost50 ♬ original sound -


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