Tip: Epic Drop Set – Build More Muscle Mass – #DontWeaken

Here’s a tip to build or maintain muscle mass: Epic drop-set until muscle failure. When you are done with this, you will feel savage! The starting weight should be a weight you can get 4-7x totally clean and unassisted. I simply did 1/2 the weight I started with x 3. Follow the instructions on the video!

Flat dumbbells for chest, triceps, shoulders:

  • 100lb dumbbells for 5 clean (YOUR MAX 5 REP WEIGHT)
  • 50lb dumbbells for max reps. Clean, dirty and pulsing. I did 15 or so.
  • 25lb dumbbells for max reps. Close-grip clean and pulsing.

This can be applied to almost any lift or muscle group. More videos coming. Have an idea? Reach out

Note: Don’t do this “cold”. This should be your last set of chest, not your first. Go into it already having worked up to your heaviest set.

Not interested in weights? See my 2 minute bodyweight microworkout on TikTok here

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