The Biology of Slowing & Reversing Aging – Dr. David Sinclair & Dr. Andrew Huberman

2 legends, free education. I understood at least 45% of it lol. The key takeaway in this video comes all the way at the end: 01:59:00 Public Science Education, Personal Health

It’s when Andrew Huberman thanks David Sinclair for bringing real scientific and medical knowledge to the public for free. He called Sinclair the innovator in this arena and hopes more professionals join in. Sinclair said of the current state of sharing knowledge via the Internet “This has never been able to be possible until this time right now”

As a digital professional, I’m able to work and learn at the same time and discussions like these have become an invaluable resource. I hope you also gain new insight as a result!

00:00:00 Dr. David Sinclair, Harvard Medical School
00:03:30 ROKA, InsideTracker, Magic Spoon
00:07:45 “Aging as a Disease” vs. Longevity & Anti-Aging
00:10:23 What Causes Aging? The Epigenome
00:15:53 Cosmetic Aging
00:17:15 Development Never Stops, Horvath Clock
00:20:12 Puberty Rate as a Determinant of Aging Rate
00:23:00 Fasting, Hunger & Food Choices
00:32:44 Fasting Schedules, Long Fasts, (Macro)Autophagy
00:34:50 Caffeine, Electrolytes
00:35:56 Blood Glucose & the Sirtuins; mTOR
00:37:55 Amino Acids: Leucine, “Pulsing”
00:44:35 Metformin, Berberine
00:50:29 Resveratrol, Wine
00:53:20 What Breaks a Fast?
00:56:45 Resveratrol, NAD, NMN, NR; Dosage, Timing
01:09:10 Are Artificial Sweeteners Bad for Us?
01:12:04 Iron Load & Aging
01:15:05 Blood Work Analysis
01:19:37 C-Reactive Protein, Cholesterol: Serum & Dietary
01:26:02 Amino Acids, Plants, Antioxidants
01:33:45 Behaviors That Extend Lifespan, Testosterone, Estrogen
01:40:35 Neuroplasticity & Neural Repair
01:46:19 Ice Baths, Cold Showers, “Metabolic Winter”
01:48:07 Obesity & How It Accelerates Aging, GnRH
01:52:10 Methylation, Methylene Blue, Cigarettes
01:56:17 X-Rays
01:59:00 Public Science Education, Personal Health
02:05:40 The Sinclair Test You Can Take:
02:08:13 Zero-Cost Support & Resources, Sponsors, Patreon, Supplements, Instagram


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