How exercise increases longevity

5:25-14:00 is very important and easy to digest information from Peter Attia, a longevity doctor I have been following for years.

0:00:00 – Intro
0:00:08 – Mike’s training as an anesthesiologist and interest in exercise physiology
0:05:25 – How exercise increases longevity
0:08:54 – The impressive data on the benefits of exercise
0:14:33 – The Centenarian Olympics and other ways to mitigate age-related decline in strength and stability
0:19:06 – The violent dropoff in strength and activity with age and how exercise preserves fitness in old age
0:22:39 – Benefits of exercise on mortality and fracture risk, and the interplay of nutrition and exercise
0:28:08 – How exercise benefits the autonomic nervous system and why this plays an important role in our health
0:30:40 – VO2 max, heart rate recovery, heart rate variability, and other metrics of fitness positively impacted by exercise
0:35:31 – Reduction in all-cause mortality with increased fitness levels and VO2 max
0:44:04 – Does the relationship between exercise and longevity follow a J-curve?
0:51:33 – Mitigating age-related decline in fitness by elevating your VO2 max at a young age
1:01:51 – Breaking down the variables that drive VO2 max
1:08:43 – Learning from elite athletes: Training regimens, aerobic efficiency, and other impressive metrics
1:19:02 – Health benefits of light exercise for the average person
1:21:55 – Simple training metrics to track, and Mike’s current exercise regimen
1:31:24 – How to boost your VO2 max, and the importance of form and tempo with interval training
1:39:49 – Training advice for the average person
1:42:33 – Why professional athletes have longer careers than they’ve had in the past
1:45:45 – Use of performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports
1:54:24 – Can the miracle of exercise be put in a pill?
1:57:58 – Mike’s current research and questions he’s most interested in answering
2:00:44 – Use of convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19
2:07:58 – Parting thoughts on the current state of fitness and exercise in society


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