Essential Deep Hip Stretch – Guided Stretching – Yoga

Try this deep stretch especially the day after a long run or leg workout. I do this almost every morning for a minute or so and it helps maintain hip mobility, relieve stress of tightness caused by repetitive motion (running, HIIT) and strength training (squats, sprints).

It's intense so don't go at it fast. It's definitely one of the weirder feelings you'll get from a stretch or yoga pose. This is actually called "Frog Pose" or "Mandukasana" in a yoga class.

Frog pose in yoga is a hip and groin opener that targets the muscles in your adductors (inner thigh muscles), hips, and core. While stretching your adductors, which are part of your groin muscles, you also get the benefit of strengthening your core.

Done regularly, frog pose can counteract the chronic muscle tightness that often comes along with spending long hours at a desk or in your car. This is especially important if you deal with any back pain or feel tightness in your lower back and hip region after sitting for an extended period. With regular practicing this pose can aide in mobility and flexibility in the hips so you are able to sit cross-legged on the floor more comfortably, making playing with kids and pets—or sitting at the beginning and ending of a yoga class—much more fun.

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