My Top Choice Running Sneakers for Flat Feet

My feet are flat. Like pancake flat. I used to believe I couldn't run more than 2 or 3 miles because when I did my feet would hurt, fall asleep & get blisters. It was bad! As it turns out, I was wearing the wrong sneakers my whole life.

My first Brooks were Adrenaline GTS 17. It was actually pure luck because my wife got them for me as a random birthday gift several years back. When I wore them it was obvious to me that these particular sneakers were more accommodating, stable and cushioned than any I had ever tried. It's like they held my feet together. So I ran in them.

Long story short I ended up running a full marathon in Adrenaline 19's a couple of years later. In the process of obsessing over how great my feet felt in Brooks sneakers I began to experiment with other styles. Nothing else worked until I found Glycerin GTS 19.

I ran 15 half-marathons in 3 back-to-back pairs of the exact same Glycerin GTS 19's. They are hands down the most comfortable shoes to ever be on my weird flat feet.

I have Adrenaline 22 on right now and Glycerin 20's are here getting broken in.

I've tried them all. All the cool Nike and Adidas and other well-known brands are all too slim, too tight, too hard, too something. I want to note that I went down a very long road (both figuratively and literally) and after trying multiple New Balance Fresh Foam, Hoka One One, Mizuno, Asics Gel-Kayano, Saucony Guide/Echelon, Asics GT-2000/4000 all in both normal & wide. Nothing compared to the comfort and ability to run distance that Brooks provides me. Also, not one of them was true to size except Brooks: Mens Size 10. Every time. Consistency is rare these days.

So, for all of my flat foot readers, I hope you can enjoy running distance like me with a pair of Brooks Glycerin GTS or Adrenaline GTS. I will give Brooks Ghost a mention because I love them for walking. They also have cool styles and color combos but I can't do Ghost for distance running. I need that deep cushion and stability that Glycerin GTS and Adrenaline GTS provide:

1. Brooks Glycerin GTS

Glycerin GTS Mens | Glycerin GTS Womens
My go-to #1 favorite RUNNING sneakers. I genuinely don't like their appearance. I hope the design catches up to the functionality soon because it's hard to buy $160 sneakers I don't wear at all, anywhere except the road.

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS

Adrenaline GTS Mens | Adrenaline GTS Womens
Brooks Adrenaline are a close #2. For a flat footer like myself, walking, training runs and my day-to-day movement is a joy and a luxury in Adrenaline GTS 22. I have never been able to find the comfort I find in Brooks Adrenaline GTS and Brooks Glycerin GTS.

3. Brooks Ghost

Ghost Mens | Ghost Womens
Brooks Ghost is a solid choice if you don't need a heavily cushioned sneaker. They're a great every day trainer for most people. For my flat feet, these are fantastic for walking and tend to have very cool colors available. But, they fell flat when I tried them to run distance.
Also, consider a new padded breathable running sock. These are my go-to favorites.
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