Air Squats are a super powerful tool to add in to a 0 equipment workout

Air Squats are a super powerful tool to add in to a zero equipment outdoor workout. You can do them anywhere, any time. I genuinely believe doing these over the last several years has boosted my run times and endurance.

Concept of Microworkouts: If you have no time for working out you can do sets of air squats and pushups throughout your day. 5 here, 10 there. Maybe do them on your walk to add in some strength building and variety.

Beginner tip: If you can’t go all the way down just do half reps, 1/4 reps. You can build up the strength over time incrementally.

OK hope this helps, hit me if you want to get on a new path of wellness. I did this video as a direct answer to a question I got here: (ask me anything)

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