Active Recovery – Yoga – Stretching – Post Heavy Workout #PreventInjury

Yesterday I did 500 squats and today my legs are just smashed. So sore. So rather than just passively sit down and heal I regularly do what’s called “Active Recovery”.

Walking, hiking, Yoga, stretching, light biking etc. Nothing too intense. My #1 goal in life is to AVOID DOCTORS. Performing active recovery helps prevent injury. No injury, no doctor!

I am teaching Active Recovery Yoga along with Strength & Fitness & Guided Stretching in my private Orange, CT studio

Active recovery workouts may help you recover faster after a difficult workout. Some benefits include:
-reducing lactic acid buildup in muscles
-eliminating toxins
-keeping muscles flexible
-reducing soreness
-increasing blood flow
-helping you maintain your exercise routine

Read more about Active Recovery here (external link)

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