Paul Saladino breaking down “animal based diet”

At first, I thought this dude was a straight quack.

As it turns out, the education he is providing to the public for free has changed my perspective on several nutrition-related beliefs. My core belief is that everyone has unique nutritional needs, but it can’t be coincidental that I am thriving now more than ever, having adopted several of his philosophies. Take a listen; it just might change your perspective. It really changed mine!

Video Description:
Paul explains everything you need to know about an animal-based diet and why this diet is the optimal starting point for humans. He gives you 4 simple steps for things to remove from your diet, and 4 simple steps for things to add to your diet. He does a deep dive about the harm of high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners, and touches on why vegetables and seed oils are harmful, and why you should eat more organs, fruit and animal fats.

00:00:00 Podcast begins
00:06:35 How do we create health within humans with diet?
00:12:35 What is an animal-based diet?
00:14:35 Improve your diet in 4 removal steps
00:25:25 Why to cut out seed oils
00:18:55 Why to remove high-fructose corn syrup
00:23:05 Why to remove artificial sweeteners
00:29:10 Benefits of removing vegetables from your diet
00:31:55 Add these 4 things to improve your diet
00:32:25 Add organs to your diet
00:35:28 The importance of high quality meat in your diet
00:38:00 The importance of eating carbohydrates
00:41:10 Get your fat from animal fats
00:44:25 Recap of animal-based

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