Fat Loss Explained in 45 Seconds – Mike Mentzer

Fat Loss Explained in 45 Seconds (watch/listen to the video)

Are you really really really ready to lose weight once and for all? Maybe you will be after the holiday weekend.

It's all way more simple than you are led to believe. Identify your daily calorie needs and consistently eat well-balanced whole food based meals where you consume less than your daily needs. But not drastically.

I can change your entire perspective in 4 hours/4 sessions. But it only works if you're willing to face the truth and willing to do some work. No program, no fluff, no bs.

Ready? Serious inquiries only:

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Health Coach | Yoga | Strength Training Orange, CT
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I'm a hands-on personal health coach, strength trainer, yoga teacher and 25 year work from home digital professional in Orange, CT and I live the lifestyle I talk about.
Certified Health Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher
25 Year WFH Professional

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