Workout: Chest & Biceps Finisher – The Ultimate Pump – Body Weight & Iron Master Dumbbells


When you’re done with this, you will get the ultimate swole! I’m not kidding, this is pretty intense.

I do this mashup of floor moves I’ve learned over the years after a chest workout, if I have time. If I don’t have time, I’ll warm up for a minute or 2 and do this as a standalone workout. A couple of my clients requested that I make a video for when we can’t train together, based on the floor moves I have them do. Well, here it is!

You need your body, three dumbbells, and a small space – perfect for a home gym, working from home, office, or hotel/travel.

In this workout I introduce Iron Master adjustable dumbbells as a great addition to my home gym. Just under 20 minutes, 12 total sets of floor work for chest, triceps, shoulders, and back, and 12 total sets of seated dumbbell hammer curls.

This video provides a thorough upper body workout concentrating on push-up variants and weightlifting. The exercises are devised to progressively challenge your muscles.

Featured moves include:
Push-up Jack
Plank Jack Push-up
Plank Walk Push-up
Knees Down Push-up
Slow Dive Push-ups
Seated Bicep Hammer Curls with Iron Master Dumbbells

Lighter and more advanced exercise versions are recommended, with the emphasis on regularity and effort rather than speed and intensity. For younger or less experienced fitness enthusiasts, workout adjustments are suggested.

Timecodes & Key Moments:
– Introduction and workout initiation with Push-Up Jacks
– Discussion on intensity, emphasizing the importance of executing exercises at your comfort level
– Introduction of the second exercise, Plank Jack Push-Up
– Transition to Plank Walk Push-up
0:03:58 – Demonstration of a modified push-up, ‘Sissy Push-Ups’
0:05:16 – Switch to an intense slow push-up
0:05:55 – Introduction to Seated Bicep Hammer Curls with Iron Master Dumbbells
0:06:52 – Continuation of the dumbbell exercise, with advice about suitable dumbbells
0:09:38 – Initiation of a second Bicep Curls set, emphasizing the need to maintain symmetry
0:12:39 – Conclusion of Bicep Curls and return to Push-Up Jacks
0:13:30 – Workout conclusion with the final exercise, Slow Dive Push-Up
– Final challenging exercise, the Low Plank Hover

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